The art curriculum is designed to develop students' understanding of art as a
visual language. Through a series of art experiences students will: create -
by conceptualizing and developing ideas, present - through interpretation,
refinement and personal meaning, respond - by analyzing art to lead to
understanding and appreciation, and connect - to cultures around them
to deepen their understanding of art making.

Courses in Art 
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Introduction to Printmaking & Mixed Media, Printmaking & Mixed Media Level 2
Design I, II, III, IV, AP 2D Design, & Interior Design
Ceramics and Sculpture I, II, & III
Drawing and Painting I, II, III, Senior Investigations & AP Drawing
Advanced Strategies in Drawing and Painting
Alternative Approaches in Drawing
Contemporary Art Theory & Practice I & II
Art Explorations

Art Department Staff

Sandra Allison, Art Department Head
Richard Kim
Willa McKee
Allison Pace