Summer Reading Books 2016

Dear Walpole High Students: 

This year we are offering over forty titles from which to choose; some of the titles were student suggestions. We hope that each student finds a title he or she can get excited about reading! 

During the Summer Reading day selected in September, you will: 

-Meet with a group of students and at least one staff member who read the same book. 

-Provide a written response to a prompt. 

-Engage in a discussion of the book. 

Based on your written response and your participation in the discussion, you will receive a PASS/FAIL grade. Your participation in the Summer Reading program will be recorded on your official Walpole High School transcript and a passing grade will be worth 0.5 credits. 

A FAILING grade will keep you off of the Honor Roll for first quarter. 

We recommend you take brief reading notes (no more than one side of a sheet of paper) while you read. You may bring both the book and the page of notes to your Summer Reading group. 

PLEASE NOTE: Books with mature themes are limited to students who will be juniors or seniors. 

A note to parents: Our goal is to create a community of readers. We have selected books that we as teachers enjoy reading. We hope that by providing students a forum for reading, sharing, and discussing books that most interest them, they will find reading a pleasurable experience. We have identified books with mature themes and have restricted their selection to juniors and seniors. If you want more information about a book before your son or daughter selects it, please go to www.goodreads.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, or www.amazon.com to read their on-line reviews and a sample of the book itself! Reading can be a family activity; we encourage family members to read along and discuss the book selected. Reading provides pleasure as well as intellectual growth. 

The Walpole Public Library and the Walpole Barnes and Noble should have most of these titles available.

2016 Summer Reading Titles for grades 9 & 10

2016 Summer Reading Titles for grades 11 & 12