The English curriculum is designed to develop the communication skills essential to students throughout their personal, academic, and professional lives. It stresses reading comprehension, essay writing, vocabulary development, speaking skills, and cultural literacy. WHS's English curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts English Language Arts Framework. 

Courses in English
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Freshman English Honors
Freshman English CP1
Freshman English CP2
Sophomore English Honors
Sophomore English CP1
Sophomore English CP2
Junior English AP Language and Composition
Junior English Honors
Junior English CP1
Junior English CP2
Senior English AP Literature and Composition
Senior English AP Language and Composition
Senior English Honors: College Writing and Literature
Senior English CP1: College Writing and Literature
Senior English CP2: College Writing and Literature
Creative Writing: A Focus on Poetry and the Screen Play
Foundations of Creative Writing: Short Fiction and NonFiction
Digital Film Making I
Digital Film Making II
Advanced Film Making
Film Studies: A Critical Look at Films
Essentials of Digital Film Making
Essentials of Journalism
Journalism I
Journalism II
Journalism III
Public Speaking

English Department Staff
Lauren Culliton, Department Chairperson
Mike Alan
Connor Cashman
Marylou Gair
Christine Giblin
Mckenzie Gould
Laura Kerr
Lisa Linden
Emily Murray
Kerry McMenimen
Peter Salmans
Bailey Tighe