Foreign Languages



The Foreign Language curriculum is designed to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing competencies in a world language. The curriculum is proficiency-based in that the emphasis is placed on students' demonstration of those skills. To reinforce speaking and listening skills, students will use the language laboratory on a weekly basis. Furthermore, cultural literacy is a strong component of the curriculum. Geography, literature, art, architecture, and everyday customs are also incorporated into the study of language.

The Foreign Language Department strongly encourages students to take their learning experiences outside the classroom. To that end the department sponsors exchange programs to Germany and Costa Rica as well as trips to Greece and China, all of which which are designed to promote and enhance global literacy.

Courses in Foreign Languages
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French I
French IA
French II
French II Honors
French III
French III Honors
French IV
French IV Honors
French V
French V Honors
AP French Language

German I
German II
German III
German IV

Latin I
Latin I Honors
Latin Language and Culture I
Latin II
Latin II Honors
Latin Language and Culture II
Latin III
Latin III Honors
Latin IV
Latin IV Honors
AP Latin

Mandarin I 
Mandarin II 
Mandarin III Honors

Spanish I Language and Culture
Spanish I
Spanish II Language and Culture
Spanish II
Spanish II Honors
Spanish III
Spanish III Honors
Spanish IV
Spanish IV Honors
Spanish V
Spanish V Honors
AP Spanish V

Foreign Language Department Staff
Lisa Osborne, Department Chairperson
Benjamin Auger
Kathryn Bacon
Gabriel Bakale
Elizabeth Flaherty
 Kathleen Frattasio
Laura Kay
Maura Lia
Elizabeth Pierce
Joanne Sprague
Gordon Strick
Richard Sturges