Printable Forms for Students and Parents

For students who are entering their senior year or who are currently a senior: 
Counselor Recommendation Request Form.pdf

"White" long Teacher request form:
Long Recommendation Form Teachers.pdf

ONLY for current WHS Seniors:
Transcript Release Form.pdf

ONLY for current WHS Seniors applying for scholarships and are requesting a transcript and/or counselor recommendation:
Scholarship Release form.pdf

Request for credit for a non-WHS course. Give to your School Counselor to process:
Non WHS Course Form.pdf (currently being updated - See your School Counselor)

Transfer or Withdrawal from WHS form: See your School Counselor

Physician Request for Tutoring:
Letter on new Home and Hospital Form.pdf
2018 Physician's Statement
The College Board Services for Students with Disabilities; Consent form for request for Accommodations:

SSD Accommodation Form