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In order to be eligible to participate in any/all WHS Co/Extra Curricular activities, students must pay a yearly activity fee of $60.00. The following is a list of CO/EXTRA CURRICULAR organizations and activities available to students.  Students wishing to create new clubs should contact an assistant principal.  The election of officers for individual Co/Extra Curricular organizations is done at that organization’s discretion.  Officers, if elected, are not restricted to seniors, but may be chosen from any grade level.

ART CLUB - Ms Alison: The Art Club gives students the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that are art related.  Members are taught various techniques and given projects to create.  Members are always welcome in the art room after school, and are sometimes called upon to contribute their talents to the community.  Over the years, Art Club members have painted murals for the school and the public library, drawn illustrations for the Town Report, school publications, and created logo designs.

BEST BUDDIES CLUB -  Walpole High School students with varying disabilities are matched up with their non-disabled peers and establish meaningful relationships to help increase their self-esteem and confidence.  The goad of the Best Buddies is to successfully integrate students with disabilities into school, school functions, workplaces, and communities and create lasting friendships with peers.  Walpole High School is an officially chartered chapter of Best Buddies International. Come join the fun and become a peer buddy – make a difference!

CREATIVE WRITING CLUB: - Mr. Salmans - Check out the Quarantine Writing Contest

The Walpole High School Dance Ensemble is for any student who is interested in ballet or modern dance.   Students must be willing to work hard and dedicate themselves to a team.  Members will develop kinesthetic awareness while exploring improvisational dance and expressive movement.  Each fall and spring season will start with intense technique and training rehearsals.  Then, participating members will have the opportunity to audition for specific dance pieces that are choreographed to a variety of music, including classical, folk, rock, and pop.  All of the dance pieces will culminate in a final show.  No previous experience is required.  All skill levels are welcome.

DRAMA CLUB - Mr. D'Attilio:  Open to all students who have an interest in drama, the Walpole Players gives students an opportunity to learn and develop a variety of theater arts skills: acting, set design, scene painting, costuming, lighting and sound techniques, publicity, program design, and directing.  Activities include the production of a comedy or drama in November and May, as well as a musical in February.


FILM FESTIVAL - Mr. Alan, Mrs. O'Malley:
The Film Festival Club is comprised of two divisions: production crews and festival organizers.  The production crews will be made up of directors, editors, mic operators, cinematographers, pre-production workers, as well as actors.  Each production crew will take a screenplay written by Creative Writing class students and produce a movie on digital video using “iMovie ” or Final Cut Pro 4.  Lessons on how to use these editing software programs will be given in the fall to the editors and directors of each production group.  The festival organizers will help promote and coordinate the Film Festival itself.  All are welcome.  The only requirement is a love of movies and a willingness to work hard.


GREEN TEAM - Mrs. Baumgartner:


HUMANE SOCIETY - Mrs. Jordan:  The Walpole Student Humane Society holds a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for animal shelters and animal rescue groups from Massachusetts to Maui.  Students have the opportunity to go online to learn about issues and policies affecting all animals, wildlife, and the environment.  Outside trips to local animal shelters and Walk for Animals events are offered.  Learn more about the Student Humane Society at the WHS website :  go to the Media Center page, and then click on the Student Humane Society link.  Help make a difference for animals and the many shelters and rescue groups in our community and beyond.

JAZZ BAND ENSEMBLE - Mr. McKenzie: This organization is responsible for the promotion and performance of different styles of music in the jazz idiom.  Participants in the Jazz Ensemble may be selected from band members in good standing.  Any extenuating circumstances will be taken under consideration by the Department Head.  The members are chosen by auditions with the piece being selected and judged by the conductor.   All members must audition.  The Jazz Ensemble performs throughout the year at various concerts, as assigned by the band program.  The Jazz Ensemble also has the opportunity to perform at other outside functions (i.e. ‑ competition, festivals, public performance).  The standard meeting time is one evening per week.

JAZZ CHOIR - Mrs. Maccini-Pavloff:  The Jazz Choir is a select group of students chosen by audition from among all the students who participate in the performing music ensembles at WHS.  The group meets at least one afternoon or evening per week, with additional rehearsals as needed.  The group performs all styles of jazz, including a cappella music.  Students selected to participate in Jazz Choir must attend all performances, including performances at the winter and Spring Concerts, “Pops Night,” with potential for other performances.  Attendance at all concerts and rehearsals is mandatory.


LITERARY MAGAZINE (“THE CRICKET”):The Cricket is Walpole High School’s creative art and writing magazines.  The Cricket is published in the spring and is compiled of creative works produced by the student body.  Its purpose is to make the student body, as well as the High School Community, aware of the creative work produced by the students at Walpole High.  It also gives an opportunity for aspiring writers and artists to have their works published and seen by the high school community.  Along with the production of a The Cricket every year, the Literary Magazine committee presents two poetry readings at the Walpole Barnes and Noble Book Store.  These readings are set up for the students to share their poetry in a public forum for the community to enjoy.  The Literary Magazine has a staff of ten to twenty dedicated students that helped select submitted works for publication, and assist in production of the magazine. 

MATH TEAM - Mrs. Kathleen Milne: The Math Team seeks to generate interest and proficiency in mathematics through challenging problems and competition.   Any student who is interested in math and enjoys problem solving may join.  Students in honors math courses are encouraged to participate.  The team competes in the Southeastern Massachusetts Mathematical League (SMML) which is composed of 30 schools separated into five divisions.  Walpole competes in Division I against Dover‑Sherborn, Franklin, Medway, and Sharon in four meets that take place on Thursdays from 3:00-5:00 p.m. during November, December, January, and February.  Playoffs are held in March for qualifying teams.  To prepare for each meet, students receive notes on the topics of the month and several problem sets to complete.  Team meetings are held to discuss strategies and to go over solutions to practice problems.  Official team members are selected for each meet on the basis of runoffs and/or problem sets.

MOCK TRIAL TEAM: The Mock Trial Team competes in the statewide Mock Trial Tournament sponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Institute.  The tournament involves high schools from across the state competing in trial enactments at district courthouses.  Team members prepare as either witnesses or attorneys and develop strategies for both the prosecution and defense of a case.  Preparation starts in November and the trials begin in February.  Students in all grades and course levels are invited to join.


NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - Ms. Kay:  The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in all of the students of WHS. Membership in the N.H.S. is an honor and a privilege.  Students shall be selected by Faculty Council, and selection is based on outstanding scholarship, leadership, character and service.  Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.

To be eligible for membership in the National Honor Society, candidates must:

  • Be a member of the junior or senior class
  • Have been in attendance at least one semester or its equivalent at Walpole High School
  • Have a cumulative scholastic GPI of at least 3.650; This scholastic average is to be based on the student’s grades from ninth grade up to and including the last quarter before selection
  • Complete the required number of Service and Leadership hours indicated in the NHS-By-Laws

Once candidacy has been determined, the Faculty Council will evaluate each candidate on the basis of scholarship, service, leadership and character.  They will request input from the entire faculty by   a verbal or written recommendation.  All students who meet the minimum GPI will be asked to fill out and return a “student profile”.  This information will be used by the Faculty Council to evaluate each candidate further.  The following definitions and examples of leadership, service, and character are the guidelines that the Faculty Council will use in determining membership:

LEADERSHIP:  The leadership criterion is considered highly important for membership selection.Leadership roles both in the school and the community shall be considered.  The ability to plan, organize, and supervise service projects, with minimal supervision, is an essential criterion of membership.

SERVICE:  Service is generally considered to be those actions undertaken by the student which are done with or on behalf of others, over a significant period of time, and without any direct financial or material compensation to the individual performing the service.  In considering service, the contributions the candidate has made to the school, classmates, and community, as well as the student’s attitude toward service, will be reviewed.  Service(s) provided to meet specific church; Boy/Girl Scout obligations, etc. are generally not considered directly relevant to the “Service” criterion.

SCHOLARSHIP: National Honor Society has specific GPI criteria to be eligible for membership.  Students may be put on probation or lose their membership if their academic performance falls below the minimum GPI standard.  Students are expected to dedicate themselves to study, inquiry, independent and life-long learning.

CHARACTER: A person of character demonstrates the following seven qualities: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, citizenship, and honesty.

The selection of each N.H.S. member shall be by a majority vote of the Faculty Council.  In the event of a tie or absence, the Faculty Advisor(s) shall vote.  No relative of any student candidate may vote. The principal may overrule any decision made by the Faculty Council.  Any student who is not offered membership may appeal to the Faculty Advisor in writing to determine if an error has been made.  The Faculty Advisor will review the criteria with the principal and inform the student, in writing, of the decision. The N.H.S. constitution and complete set of bylaws for selection, duties and responsibilities of membership, and dismissal are on file in the main office, guidance office, and on reserve in the WHS Library.  Specific questions should be directed to the N.H.S. Advisors.

ORCHESTRA (WINDS, BRASS, AND PERCUSSION):  These participants will be selected from band members in good standing or from students who have made every reasonable attempt to be scheduled for band.  This group meets after school.

PEER COUNSELORS: Peer Counselors represent a small group of students interested in promoting a positive school climate by ensuring that all Walpole High students feel "connected" to our school.  Peer Counselor efforts have been primarily focused on meeting the needs of new and transitioning students to Walpole High School.  To this end, the peer counselors have led the coordination of a new student luncheon, a new-to-town student breakfast, and a transfer student ambassador program - where peer counselors escort transfer students to their classes upon their first days here at our school.  Peer Counselors also play a role in our annual Freshman Orientation. 

PROM COMMITTEE - Ms. Allison:  The Prom Committee consists of any member of the junior class who is interested in helping plan the junior/senior prom.  They will assist the junior class officers and the prom coordinator in choosing themes, menus, songs, decorations, and favors.  The prom committee must also help to decorate the function hall on the day of the event.

ROBOTICS TEAM - Mr. Hinck, Mr. Passeggio, Mr. Scott: The Walpole High School Robotics Club is an avenue for students to explore mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering through the FIRST National Robotics Competition. FIRST is an acronym meaning For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology.  The FIRST Robotics Competition immerses students in these fields by partnering them with industry and education mentors to design, build, and compete with sophisticated robots in an annual sport-like design competition.  Students will work with mentors to plan, design, machine, fabricate, program, and test the robot in preparation for the season’s intense competitions.  These events involve over one thousand high schools from across North America.  Students will not only learn essential skills necessary in the engineering workplace, but they will see the importance of communication and teamwork first hand.

SCHOOL NEWSPAPER (REBELLION) - Mr. Cashman:  The Rebellion is WHS’s award winning newspaper.  It is published five times a year and mailed to the homes of all students in grades 7 - 12.  The purpose of the paper is to keep the school and community informed of the various activities and accomplishments of the student body at WHS.  Its role is also to recognize various groups and individuals for their contributions to this high school.  Participating students will learn journalism and computer skills.  They are required to write assigned articles, develop public relations skills, as well as fulfill obligations as editors.  Reporters gather information through research and interviews, use word processing programs and the desktop publishing program PageMaker for layout and design.  This work is accomplished through the work of the Journalism students.


SPEECH TEAM - Mrs. Murray:  
The Speech and Debate Team's purpose is to stimulate interest in speech training and to promote participation in interscholastic debate, oratory, interpretive speaking and interpretative oral reading. Students compete in individual speaking events, such as Children's Literature and Extemporaneous Speaking with schools throughout Massachusetts. The Speech and Debate Team meets every Monday after school in Room 2124 and is open to all students.

STUDENT COUNCIL - Ms. McMenimen: The Student Council has two major functions: (1) to be a voice for the entire student body, i.e., suggesting policy changes and expressing students' concerns to the administration, and (2) to sponsor and coordinate activities for the entire school.  The Student Council is composed of 4 officers, 6 representatives elected from each class, the 5 members of the Student Advisory Council to the Walpole School Committee, and the 2 representatives to the Student Advisory Council to the State Board of Education.  The Council sponsors many activities including school dances, powder puff football, the spaghetti supper for faculty, pictures with Santa, and more. Money raised through these events is used to support activities, to attend leadership conferences, and to fund Student Council Scholarships.

WHS MORNING NEWS - Mr. O'Farrell:  Participating students will produce and direct live in-studio production, from beginning to end, for the entire student body, during homeroom.  This work is accomplished through the work of Television Production I and II students and Video Club members.  Activities include on-air training, camera, editing, sound workshops, plus various field trips, including a possible trip to a local Boston television station’s live newscast.

YEARBOOK COMMITTEE - Ms. McKenzie Gould & Ms. Lara Walleston: The Yearbook Committee creates the high school yearbook each year, which works as a historical document to represent the academic, athletic, extra-curricular, and social accomplishments of the high school and its students. The Committee works to design pages, select photos, and write blurbs to document each academic year.  The Yearbook Committee welcomes any student who is interested in participating in all stages of the book design and implementation. We meet every Wednesday in room 2131. 

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